Rescue at Rajini Island

Rescue at Rajini Island 1.1

Rescue at Rajini Island is an adventure game in which you explore ancient ruins
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Rescue at Rajini Island is an adventure game in which you explore a set of islands and ancient ruins searching for the missing Captain and his crew. The game starts with a brief story depicted with static images and written text, which is told aloud and cannot be skipped. It includes several beautiful scenes of tropical islands and ruins in which you must find a list of objects which may appear in words or silhouettes. Some of the scenes are incredibly well-made; the objects are cleverly hidden and well-camouflaged with the background, while others look like if the objects were simply put there for you to find them very easily. For very level you are granted a number of hints that help you locate the objects that you cannot find. The game includes two modes, relaxed and expert, which mainly vary in the number of hints provided (relaxed has 5 and expert 3) and in the time given to complete a scene. If you replay a level the objects will appear exactly in the same place, but the list will vary slightly. So, it offers little replay ability.
The game also includes a great variety of mini-games like jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-differences games, logical puzzles, among others, but these cannot be skipped.
The graphics are ok, not impressive but they are fine. Sound effects contribute to create a more vivid scene, and the music is pleasant.
All in all, Rescue at Rajini Island is just another game of this genre that doesn't offer anything new or impressive that you will not find in other similar games. However, you may find it enjoyable and fun.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two game modes
  • Nice sound effects
  • Varied mini-games


  • Almost no replay ability
  • Some scenes are very easy
  • Mini-games and story cannot be skipped
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